Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

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Carpet is one of the most widely used type of flooring in households and commercial spaces alike mainly because of their versatility and comfort. However, it is also known to be a difficult option when it comes to cleaning. While there is a lot of useful information online on carpet cleaning, there are also some false information being spread about the same. Here are some common carpet cleaning myths you might come across and should totally ignore:
Carpets Need to be Cleaned Only When They are Stained
Even if your carpets are not stained, you still have to clean them on a regular basis. This is because dirt and dust get accumulated into the carpet fibers and are not always visible to the naked eye. Even pet hair and pollen get settled deep inside your carpets, and though you don’t see them, they are definitely there. Therefore, having your carpets cleaned professionally at frequent intervals is extremely vital.
New Carpets Don’t Require Cleaning At Least for a Few Years
Once again, even if your carpets are just a few weeks old, they would’ve already started building up dust, dirt and debris, and when you leave them unattended for years together, you will be left with carpets that are not only dirty, but also unsanitary. Even new carpeting can cause bacterial infections, skin irritations, respiratory problems, and other health related issues if left uncleaned. Not to mention, they will start to fade and become unattractive prematurely.
Steam Cleaning Shrinks Carpets
First of all, most carpets today are made of materials that do not cause them to shrink even with steam cleaning, unless you choose to do it yourself and leave it wet for a long time. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner for steam cleaning your carpets, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry because they always test everything before employing a cleaning method. Also, they will employ the right techniques to dry your carpet completely after cleaning and this prevents it from shrinking as well as mold growth.
I Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning
Whether it is related to cost or people think that they can handle the job on their own, there are many homeowners who think that they don’t need professional help when it comes to carpet cleaning. Your carpet is one of the biggest investments you will make for your home and regular professional cleaning will only increase its lifespan and help you save money in the long run, especially if yours is a large family and you also have pets at home.
Also, though you have the option to rent professional carpet cleaning machines from local hardware stores so you can perform the cleaning yourself, you are most likely to overlook different problem areas, which can cause more issues eventually. Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge and experience to identify all the problem areas in your carpet and know exactly the right cleaning method to employ.
Now that you know the different myths about carpet cleaning, do not hesitate to call for professional help.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Guide

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With the holiday season underway, you are probably excited about the many holiday feasts, family gatherings, and fun-filled parties. With all the holiday shopping, cooking, gift wrapping, hosting and partying you have to do, you would barely have the time and energy to even thing about cleaning. But, once the holidays come to an end, you will automatically start to think about cleaning all the carpets and upholsteries in your home.
We know that many of you prefer using a live tree, garlands, and other live greenery to decorate your home during the holidays. While these add an amazing touch to the overall look of your home, cleaning them up after the holidays can be quite a hassle, especially with the needles settling inside your carpets and upholstery, and not to forget, the various stains and odor from food, drinks, and other sources.
Look for Stains
No matter how hard you try, your carpet and upholsteries are bound to get stained during the holiday season. And with all the holiday food vibrantly colored, from hot chocolate to wine to plum sauce, they are most likely to cause touch stains around your home. Therefore, after all the party is over, check all your carpets and upholsteries for stains. If you do find stains, you need to start acting immediately.
If the stain is still quite greasy, use warm water and mild detergent on the surface. If the stain has already dried, first scrape it off from the surface and dab the area with some vinegar and then some warm water. Remember to not wipe the stained surface because you could cause it to spread.
Removing the Tree
If you prefer to use a live Christmas tree this year, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. After the holidays are over, you would obviously take the tree down after removing all the decorations. You would have watered your tree frequently throughout this time; therefore, remember to remove and discard excess water from the tree stand before you take it across your living room, to prevent your carpets from getting stained.
Removing the Needles
When you use a live Christmas tree, you cannot deny the fact that the needles will fall down. This mess is something you cannot prevent, especially when you take the tree down. While your first thought would be to vacuum the space to get rid of all the fallen needles, it may not be the best idea because they could get stuck in the vacuum and clog it eventually. Therefore, sweep the area instead of vacuuming.
At the end of the holiday season, the best option to make your home spotless is to hire professional carpet cleaners. This can be especially helpful if you have hosted guests for the holidays and need multiple rooms cleaned, including all the upholsteries. After having spent all your energy having fun with your family and friends, you surely need some time to rest; so, go for a professional carpet cleaning service for stress-free carpet and upholstery cleaning.

After a long, stressful day at work, coming back home to your furry little friend would perhaps be the highlight of your tiresome day. You start thinking about the moment you open the door and your dog jumping on you to show how much he/she missed you throughout the day. While reciprocating the love is something you would love to do, having to encounter wet, smelly and stained carpets…not so much.
Pet stains on carpets are not necessarily caused only by new dogs, but also by an old four-legged family member who refuses to follow new restrictions. Whatever the reason, the major damage is to your beautiful carpet.
So, here are a few useful tips and tricks to remove prevent and remove pet stain and odor from your carpets.
Catching in the Act
If you happen to catch your dog doing the deed, know that this is the best time for you to teach him/her about not urinating on the carpets. Don’t show anger or frustration in your voice; instead, use a cheerful voice and take the dog outside where you want him/her to pee or poo. Remember, NEVER PUNISH your dog for the accident. This will make them sneaky the next time and they will start finding a more isolated place to do the act.
To Remove New Stains
For spots that are still wet, the first thing you should do is use a combination of paper towels and newspaper to soak up the urine. Blot the wet surface with paper towels to get rid of as much urine as possible, and then place thick layers of paper towels and newspaper on the area. Stand on this for about a minute, remove the papers, and continue doing the same until the surface is almost dry. Use clean water to rinse the stained area and once again remove all the water by blotting.
Remember to place the urine-soaked papers in the area where you want your dog to urinate. Never use a hair dryer to dry up pet urine from your carpets, as this will only make the odor and stain worse.
To Remove Already Set Stains
For pet stains that have already set, your best option is to hire professional carpet cleaners who can take care of the job of removing not just the stains, but also the unpleasant odor. However, if you prefer to take up the hurdle yourself, you need to rent a wet vacuum or extractor from your local hardware store and use it to remove the stains and odor, which can actually take several hours.
Some homeowners try using steam cleaners for this purpose; remember that the use of heat and steam will only set the stains and odor permanently, making your carpets completely worthless.
Once the cleaning is done, use a good quality pet odor neutralizer on the area. But, before you use it straightaway on the accident zone, try using it on a corner of the carpet to make sure it doesn’t cause any stains.
If the pet urine has soaked deep inside your carpets, only carpet cleaning professionals will be able to solve the problem for you.

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Kids

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Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Kids?

While babies and kids make a home beautiful, it is also an undeniable fact that your house will get a lot dirtier with them. This is especially the case when you have carpets everywhere. With time, no matter how good you take care of your carpets, they will get dirty. And with all the abuse they take from constant traffic, food and drink spills and stains, and pets and kids, they require proper cleaning to retain their natural look and feel.

Cleaning carpets is not really an issue for normal households. But, when it comes to households with kids or babies, there are a lot of things that should be considered before choosing a carpet cleaning method. This applies not just to the common areas around your house, but especially your kid’s bedroom. As a parent, your responsibility is to make sure that your children are safe, breathe clean air and have clean carpets to play on.

When people think about having their carpets cleaned professionally, they often end up having only the downstairs of their home cleaned, which usually involves the living room. The thought of having the upstairs rooms cleaned somehow makes them hesitate because of the hassles involved in the same, and hence the carpets upstairs are usually neglected cleaning.

Granted, your kid’s bedroom doesn’t get as much foot traffic as that of your living room or other common areas in your home. But, it is certainly the most important part of your home that needs thorough cleaning. From the usual dust and dirt to chocolate and other stains, the carpet in your kid’s room also goes through a lot of abuse. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis, chances are the stains will get permanent and will eventually be very difficult to remove.

But, as many carpet cleaners available on the market today are known to have harsh chemicals and leave behind chemical residue, which could be extremely dangerous for kids, it is completely natural for parents to hesitate using such products. Also, it could be challenging to differentiate a safe carpet cleaner from the rest. Therefore, your best option is to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

One of the safest and best carpet cleaning methods that a professional carpet cleaning company can employ is steam cleaning. As the steam cleaning technology doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals, it could be a safe method that can used in your kid’s bedroom. When you choose a reliable and experienced carpet cleaning company, their professional workers will be able to guide you through the different steps involved in the steam cleaning process, so you can decide whether or not it is safe for your little one. There are also companies that now employ environment-friendly or green carpet cleaning solutions.

Your aim is to have carpet cleaning done with no unhealthy residues that could be harmful for your kids. This depends on the carpet cleaning company you choose; therefore, do your homework before trusting a company just for its brand.