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Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching

After several years of use and regular wear and tear, there will come a time for your carpets to be stretched. Even those carpet areas in your home where foot traffic is minimal will need carpet stretching over time.

Damages to the base structure of the carpet, visible wrinkles and/or lumps, and carpet uplift at the edges are some reasons why your carpet has to be stretched. In addition, there are signs that only professionals, like those at Carpet Wiser, will be able to determine.

Whether it is because of excessive wear, poor installation, premature aging, improper cleaning methods, or whatever the reason, Carpet Wiser experts will provide you with the best carpet stretching service. With our power stretching techniques and professional tools, our experts will make your carpet exactly the way it is supposed to be – no lumps, wrinkles, or uplifts whatsoever.

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