We all have carpets of some kind or the other at home and maintaining them clean and hygienic should be your number one priority. The number one question in the minds of homeowners at the moment will most probably be how often should the carpets be cleaned? Let us find out the answer to this question through our discussion here.

Carpets add beauty and enhance the aesthetics of your home, but on the downside, the microfibers of those carpets tend to hold dust, dirt, allergens, mildew, mold, etc.

Carpet Status
Before we go ahead discussing about the frequency and how effectively you could clean your carpets, let us find out more about the status of your carpets in general. Make a realistic assessment of how often you vacuum the carpets. Some vacuum once a week, whereas others never tend to do so; hence, the status of your carpets differs. The color of your carpet will also play a major role in deciding when to clean the same. If you are having a light-colored carpet, then you should clean more often than what a dark colored carpet requires.

Check your carpet warranty because some of the carpets come with a specific cleaning schedule which should be followed for keeping the carpets in their best shape. The next important thing to note is: do you have pets? Young kids? Does anyone in your house have allergies? And do you or anyone in your family wear shoes inside the home? You need to have solid answers to all these questions in order to determine the carpet cleaning frequency.

Regular Vacuuming
Vacuuming on a regular basis helps prolong the life of your carpets. Carpet owners should vacuum at least once a week, which is mandatory. Those who are allergic or have pets and young kids, you should vacuum at least 2-3 times a week. Dusts, dirt, hair, and other microorganisms settle at the top of the fibers initially, but with time they tend to move deep down, so it is necessary to clean twice or thrice a week.

Tough stains and allergens can be removed from your carpets only with the help of a professional cleaning service. Vacuum cleaning is essential for removing dust and allergens from your carpets, but that alone will not give you a completely hygienic carpet, so opt for a professional cleaning service for best performance and maintenance of your carpets.

Spot Cleaning
Spot cleaning is very important when there is a spillage. This happens quite often if you host parties at home, and even if you find spots for some reason or the other, make sure to clean them immediately. Use a soft cloth or brush and water or mild chemicals for spot cleaning. Never use harsh chemicals, which could damage the fibers permanently.

Heavy Traffic Area Cleaning
Carpet cleaning can be estimated easily based on the level of traffic that your carpets experience day in and day out:
• Light traffic – Vacuum once a week and perform spot cleaning then and there.
• Normal – Requires 1 to 2 vacuum cleaning per week with daily spot cleaning.
• Heavy – Requires 2 to 4 vacuum cleaning per week with regular spot cleaning.
• Extreme – Daily vacuum and spot cleaning.
Make sure to contact your carpet cleaning company and follow the cleaning schedule.

Carpet Warranty
Some carpets come with carpet warranties requiring them to be cleaned as per the guidelines. But if you are planning on expanding the lifetime of your beautiful carpet, make sure to sign up for a professional carpet cleaning service right away.

Maintaining a healthy environment inside your bathroom is extremely essential, regardless of the size of your home or the number of members in it. For over a century, we have been using ceramic tiles in our bathrooms for decorative purposes. The reasons why it is so popular amongst home owners is its cheaper price and highly durable nature. The only problem we all face here is the maintenance of the same. It is very difficult to keep them 100% clean and tidy all the time because of the grime build up in the thin grout lining that holds the tile in position. If you are not cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis, you might end up with tiles and grout filled with mold, soap scum, dirt, and many more germs that make your bathroom an unhealthy place. There are many different ways you can implement to clean grout and tiles. Let us discuss how to keep your grout clean for a healthy bathroom.

Grout Sealing
When you have the tiles installed in your bathroom, make sure that an impregnator, which is commonly known as a grout sealant, is used. If you have not done this procedure, then the frequency at which your grout and tiles are going to get dirty will only increase. With the sealant in place, the time it takes for a grout lining to soil is higher, meaning you have a better healthy environment.

Grouts come in different materials, such as sand, epoxy, etc. and all of these get soiled pretty quickly. The reason for it is the irregular and porous nature of the grout. Regular cleaning and maintenance will make sure that your grout and tiles stay clear of mildew, mold and other types of allergens.

Factors to Avoid
It does not matter if it is only you and your wife using the bathroom. By taking a bath you are cleaning yourself, but the dirt and allergens from your body soil the grout over time. They take up all the abuse you throw at them, hence it is very important to note these key factors, which you can avoid to make them look clean and tidy:
• Say NO to chemical based shampoos – Using a highly chemical based shampoo is not good for your health and that of the grout. Chemicals, dyes and other coloring agents create plenty of damage and even discoloration. Try opting for an all-natural shampoo.
• Say NO to harsh grout cleaning chemicals – Never use harsh grout cleaning chemicals and do not scrub them using a hard brush.

Grout Steam Cleaning
This is one of the most effective methods to clean your tiles and grout lining. When extremely hot water comes in contact with your tile or grout, it will open up its pores, allowing you to clean the dirt away from it efficiently. You can get top quality steam cleaners from the market and try cleaning it yourself. However, it is not easy to work with a steam cleaner in an effective manner, which is why we would suggest you to go for a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

Dirt, dust, mold, mildew and other germs get accumulated on the tiles and grout all across your home over time, which is why it is important to keep them clean and tidy. You can plan on cleaning and maintaining your tiles and grout lining on your own, but in most cases, the process will be time consuming and requires a lot of hard work.

Germ buildup on the bathroom tiles and grout creates an unhealthy environment both for you and your family. When you clean the tiles and grout by yourself, you need to make sure that you follow all the safety precautions, which is also a factor you need to consider seriously. If you are still not sure and confident enough whether or not to opt for a professional tile and grout cleaning service, then here are some reasons that are likely to end your hesitation:

Reasons to opt for Professional Cleaning
Not Labor Intensive
Cleaning tiles and grout lining on your own is a labor-intensive task, hence we highly recommend that you to go for a professional cleaning service, where they use high quality cleaning equipment rather than an old brush. All the time and effort you are going to spend kneeling down to clean the tiles and grout can be used for other useful purposes.

Time Saving
By choosing a professional cleaning company, you are saving your valuable time. Time is precious and all the time you have can be spent for something better. A professional cleaning service will be useful also for those who are busy with their daily work and cannot find time for cleaning.

Right Solution
When you try to do all the cleaning by yourself, you tend to forget the basics of tile and grout cleaning. A proper cleaning solution must be used in accordance to the tiles and grout you have. Using a wrong chemical cleaning solution will ruin your tiles and grout and will discolor your flooring for sure. An expert cleaning company will know the type of cleaning solution required for a kind of tile. They also use eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Complete on Time
Professional cleaning services come with expert cleaners, cleaning equipment, solutions, and safety gears, all of which is more than enough to finish the cleaning process under an hour or two. If you try to clean on your own, you might end up unfinished after 2 days or more.

Extend the Lifetime
By choosing a professional cleaning company, you are extending the lifespan of your tiles and grout lining significantly. Experts estimate the condition of your tiles and grout easily and determine the kind of cleaning required, making your tiling look clean and shining all year long.

Best Results
Your tiles will stay clean if you go for a professional cleaning company. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, which is certainly true with respect to tile and grout cleaning. You cut down the cost of a tiling makeover for the future.

Choose the best and professional tile and grout cleaning service for your tiles and maintain a healthy environment at home hassle free.

How to Keep Carpets Clean with Kids Around
Kids add joy to your life, but they are also experts in making a lot of mess, a lot more than you would imagine. This risk gets a lot higher when you have carpets around your home. It literally wouldn’t take a lot of time for them to completely destroy all your carpets. Yes, carpets and kids do not go well together; however, this also isn’t really a recipe for disaster. You can certainly keep your carpets clean with kids around; all you need to do is follow some regular practices to maintain your carpets and of course, quite a bit of patience.

No Shoes Allowed
When you have kids at home, one of the best and easiest ways to keep your carpets clean is by establishing a rule that no shoes are allowed beyond the main door. You need to make this rule clear to your kids, as they are mostly the ones tracking dirt and grime into your living space, which can eventually make carpet cleaning much harder. Instead, you can make your kids wear socks, slippers, or any other shoes meant just for indoor use.

Set Boundaries
As you know, kids are messy by nature. Until they reach an age when they would understand to move around without making a mess, you need to set boundaries to at least reduce their mess, if not prevent. For instance, teach them that they cannot eat everywhere around the house but at the dining table, and that artwork should be done in their playroom. If for some reason you choose to let them play in the living room, remember to cover the carpet to protect it from accidents.

Clean Up Stains Immediately
When you have kids at home, spills and stains are practically unavoidable. The only way to try and keep your carpets clean is to clean up immediately when something spills. If spills are left unattended for a long time, they could easily stain your beautiful carpets, which can become irremovable, spoiling the whole look of your carpets. Therefore, act quickly and blot any spills and stains at the earliest in order to prevent them from soaking deep into the carpet fibers.

Vacuum Regularly
Of course, vacuuming alone is never the solution to clean and pristine carpets; however, it can certainly act as the first defense when it comes to protecting it from dust, dirt, spills, and stains. It could be hard to find time for regular vacuuming with kids around, but try to vacuum at least twice or thrice a week to attain the best results.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
No matter what steps you take, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at regular intervals in order to keep them completely clean, especially when you have kids at home. While professional cleaning is required at least once a year, with kids around, you should invest in it more often. This deep cleaning will not only keep your carpets clean, but also prevent them from causing allergies and other health issues.