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Color Repair & Carpet Dyeing

Flooring being the largest surface area in any home, it is usually the first thing people notice when they visit your house. It is also one of the few places that is constantly in use, and this constant contact can easily cause wear and tear in your carpet flooring or even just the additional carpets you have laid out. Since carpets enhance the overall aesthetics of your home, a poor-looking, stained, discolored, and faded carpet can completely ruin your space’s appeal.

In many households, carpets that are just a few years old, or even those that are brand new somehow tend to look old and dull. In fact, chances are high for almost every homeowner to have come across a situation where a carpet is not torn up or worn down, but looks like it needs a replacement. The reason for this could be anything, from having a pet that isn’t potty trained to having kids in the house to frequent accidents during parties, or even something as simple as the carpet being exposed to direct sunlight. Regardless of the reason behind your dull-looking carpet, you need to understand the fact that if your carpet isn’t really old, it doesn’t require replacement.

It is during these circumstances that professional carpet color repair and carpet dyeing services from Carpet Wiser come in handy.

Restoring your carpets using our carpet color repair services is an easy and efficient way to bring back your valuable carpets’ original charm. Even if not for the reasons mentioned above, it is a fact that carpets naturally lose some color year after year, eventually losing the luster it was actually designed with. Whether you wish to restore a specific segment of your faded or stained carpet, or require complete dyeing of your carpet, our trained experts can perform the job for you.

Custom Colors Just for You
Carpet fibers in general contain specific dye sites that enable dyes to change their color. How this benefits homeowners and carpet dyeing professionals is that, our experts gain the ability to mix custom formulas that can be added to the carpet fibers. These custom formulas used by our certified and experienced professionals deliver the right results every single time, helping achieve a result that you desire.

Color repair and carpet dyeing is the most cost-effective alternative to expensive carpet replacements. With replacement, you not only spend money on buying a new carpet, but also for padding and installation. On the other hand, color repair and carpet dyeing by Carpet Wiser will cost you only a fraction of that amount, while also restoring your carpet to it actual luster with no compromise whatsoever.

Color repair and carpet dyeing services from Carpet Wiser is also a viable solution for those homeowners looking to fix up their old carpets for new tenants or for those looking to sell their property quickly. Even if you are just looking for a change in your interior décor, this is a great option to go for.

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