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Who doesn’t love to have a furry friend?! From their happy purrs to wagging tails, your pets will bring great joy to your life in a lot of different ways. However, as a pet owner, one thing you should be aware of is the fact that your beloved pet, even if it is well-trained and the best-behaved, will have an accident every now and then. And when accidents happen, they can easily and quickly ruin your carpets and upholsteries within a matter of time, even if you act quickly to clean the same.


What’s even worse is that the odor from your pet’s urine will linger in your living space a whole lot longer, even after you perform a thorough cleanup of the area. This is where you will need the services offered by a pet odor specialist. After trying to get rid of those stains and odor on your own, you will only be left behind with utter frustration. At Carpet Wiser, we extend our pet odor specialist services to help you eliminate this frustration, with the ultimate result leaving behind no evidence of pet stain or odor.


When you come across pet stain and odor, your natural first reaction would be to try to remove the same using household cleaners or products that claim to do the job efficiently. But, not many homeowners are aware that most of such products do little to get rid of the pet odor and also tend to spread the stain, making everything much worse.


Of course, when you search of the web, you will come across hundreds of DIY methods to get rid of per stain and odor; while some of these techniques could work, these techniques, when not done properly, can lead to over-saturation, deepened stains, and also mold on your carpets and upholstery. This is why going with a pet odor specialist like those in Carpet Wiser is the feasible solution for you.


When you pet urinates on your carpet or any upholstery, the urine gets soaked in the upper layer and further gets absorbed below, thus soaking the different layers in the surface or fabric. As a result, the stain becomes multi-layered, leading to unpleasant odor filling the entire room or even the entire property. In order to remove this odor, it has to be treated at the source, cleaning the affected area thoroughly using the right techniques and products, which can be done only by a pet odor specialist. Our pet odor removal experts always employ the right procedures and products for the job, getting rid of the potent odor right from its source and bringing back the original scent of your home.


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