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Rug Cleaning

Trust Your Rug Cleaning to Our Experts

Regardless of the type of rugs you have, from the most commonly used area rugs to silk or jute rugs, it is a given that rugs are an alluring addition to your home. Similar to how the other home décor and furnishing items enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, rugs also have an equal impact on the same. However, unlike the many other home décor products around your home, like your wall paintings, vases, etc., rugs get a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, especially since they are often used in high-traffic living spaces to brighten the area. As a result, they experience a lot of wear and get easily damaged.


In addition, rugs perform the most important job of trapping bacteria, allergens, and dirt, preventing them from circulating in the air you breathe. However, in order to do this efficiently, your rugs have to be cleaned and maintained properly and regularly.


Whether you bought your rugs just a couple of years ago or they have been passed on to you generations after generations, your best bet to keep them clean, hygienic, and free of any odors is to leave the cleaning process to Carpet Wiser.


Why choose rug cleaning experts from Carpet Wiser?


What would you do when your refrigerator breaks down? Will you contact an expert technician to repair the device or let just about anyone to try their hand? You will of course call in an expert to solve the issue for you. The same rule applies to your rugs as well; regardless of whether you have spent a huge sum of money on those rugs or you are emotionally attached to them because it was from a loved one, you should leave their handling only to experts to maintain them in their pristine condition, and our experts at Carpet Wiser work towards achieving just that.


Carpet Wiser rug cleaning experts are trained to handle and clean all types of rugs, from the very common area rugs to the most expensive Oriental Portuguese or Silk rug or hand-knotted artisan. With our thorough, yet delicate cleaning and drying techniques, we can make your most treasured rugs look and feel as good as new, relieving them of all dust, dirt, stains, and odor. In addition to using specialized equipment and tools for cleaning your rugs, our experts are also ready to scrub our rugs by hand whenever needed; after all, we are a customer-centered service provider, which means our goal is to attain the complete satisfaction of our customers. Not to forget, we use high quality and safe cleaning products on your beautiful rugs, so you are rest assured that there will be no residue left behind, and your rugs will remain cleaner for a long time to come.


Trust your rug cleaning to the experts at Carpet Wiser and watch them bring back the original beauty and vibrancy of your rugs, making your home a much healthier and happier place for you and your family.